Remote CCTV
  • No power required
  • No internet required
  • Rapid deployment
  • Monitored by our inhouse ARC

Remote CCTV cameras and MOnitoring_

Remote CCTV cameras are the ideal security solution for remote location asset monitoring such as building site, void properties or farms. The camera has a self contained power supply that can last up to two years without changing and sends motion detection activations over the 3g/4g mobile network directly in to our alarm receiving centre, for evaluation by our highly skilled SIA licensed control team.

WE Keep watch, Day & night_

Rapidly deployed CCTV cameras that are monitored from the get go

  • Rapidly deployable to areas with no power
  • Visual verification over the 3G / 4G cellular network
  • All events evaluated within 90 seconds
  • SIA licensed controllers
  • 24/7 monitoring


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